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The British Columbia AirCare Program Has Ended

Motorists no longer need to have their vehicle inspected or repaired prior to renewing its licence and insurance. Motorists may proceed directly to their Autoplan agent and renew their policy.

To everyone that did their part over the past 22 years to ensure that harmful emissions from light-duty vehicles were minimized in the Lower Fraser Valley — thank you. The region's inventory of harmful air pollutants is 31% lower thanks to your efforts, and thanks to AirCare.

What Now?

It is your responsibility to keep your vehicle operating as it was designed. If your vehicle has an emissions defect, it could be polluting many times more than it should. Please do the right thing and have it repaired.

If you see a vehicle that appears to be polluting excessively, contact the BC Ministry of Environment.

If you are looking for information on air quality monitoring in the region, contact Metro Vancouver.

If you are looking for information about licensing your vehicle, contact ICBC.