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June 2014 - 155th Edition

  • Wai Ping Lam Celebrates 15 Years with AirCare
  • Staff Announcement: Adrian Yee
  • Clean Air Day
  • Mission Soapbox Derby


Wai Ping Lam Celebrates 15 Years with AirCare

Last month we celebrated Wai Ping Lam’s 15 years of service with the AirCare program. As the Manager of Finance for the program, Wai Ping is responsible for all of AirCare’s financial matters, including financial accounting and compliance, audits, legislated reporting requirements and coordinating and developing the annual budget. Her role within the program is vital as AirCare is required by provincial legislation to operate on a revenue neutral basis. This is an extremely difficult task given the variable nature of inspection volumes – the sole source of revenue to fund the program.

Wai Ping is also AirCare’s United Way Employee Campaign organizer. Under her seven year stewardship, AirCare head office staff have raised nearly $130,000 for the United Way of the Lower Mainland. All the more impressive when you consider this is from 11-13 employees.

Congratulations on your 15 years Wai Ping!

Wai Ping Lam

Staff Announcement: Adrian Yee

By Dave Gourley

After 15 years of exemplary service to the AirCare program, Adrian Yee has accepted a position at BC Rapid Transit Company (BCRTC) and will be leaving us on June 6th. With the end of AirCare inching closer, we are happy that he has been able to continue his career within the TransLink enterprise and wish him all the best in the future.

From a public communications perspective, AirCare represents a massive challenge. It’s unpopular, vilified by the press, technically complex, mysterious, and costs people money. As the AirCare communications specialist, Adrian’s job has been to convince people that it really does help the environment and that it’s not just a cash grab. Adrian has tackled this seemingly impossible task every day since 1999, whether by letter, phone call, e-mail, press release or tweet. Through it all, he has kept his head; providing the facts, ignoring the insults and helping people to resolve their issues.

Aside from his professional skills, Adrian is a really great guy to work with. With his quick wit, he rarely misses an opportunity to land the perfect quip in meetings or in lunch room discussions, but it’s always in good fun. He’s also our resident sports expert and the go-to guy for pop-culture references. Our loss is truly BCRTC’s gain. However, AirCare is a family, not just a workplace, and he will always be part of a bond that will survive long after the program itself is gone. So it’s not goodbye, it’s simply au revoir, Adrian, and all the best!

Adrian and PVTT Staff

Clean Air Day

Today, Canadians across this great country celebrate Clean Air Day! Clean Air Day is an excellent opportunity for residents of Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley region to reflect on their vehicle usage, the impact of vehicle emissions on local air quality and ways to reduce it. With the AirCare program ending after December 31, 2014, motorists now more than ever will have to be more conscious of ways they can minimize their impact on our air quality.

Here are a few vehicle emission reduction tips you can use, not only during Clean Air Day but every day!

  • DO NOT ignore your vehicle’s check engine light. If you have a 1998 or newer light-duty vehicle, and the check engine light (also called Malfunction Indicator Lamp or MIL) is illuminated, it means that your vehicle has an emissions defect. Have your vehicle repaired as soon as possible.
  • Don’t idle your vehicle. Unnecessary idling wastes fuel and money.
  • Buying a vehicle? Check its AirCare inspection history or have it tested at an AirCare inspection centre to be certain it has no emission problems.
  • Consider vehicle fuel economy with AirCare’s handy calculator.
  • If you have more than one family vehicle, make a habit of using the more fuel efficient one as much as possible.
  • Keep your tires properly inflated. Properly inflated tires will help you save money, fuel, and reduce emissions.
  • Maintain your vehicle properly. Following the maintenance schedule shown in your owner’s manual can reduce emissions, lower fuel costs, and minimize the potential for vehicle breakdown.
  • Reduce the amount you drive. Combine trips to save time and reduce emissions.
  • Walk, bike, carpool, and use public transit more often.

Mission Soapbox Derby

June 14 marks the annual Mission Soapbox Derby. The AirCare program is proud to continue its sponsorship of this amazing event! This year’s race will once again be held on Stave Lake Street and Prentis Avenue, Mission. The race begins at 9:00 am sharp. The event is open to boys and girls aged 8-14. As always there will be a Martial Arts demonstration and the crowd pleasing Hot Dog & Pudding Eating contests.

Like any non-profit association, volunteers are critical to the success of the Mission Soapbox Derby. If you are able to help out, please visit: for more information.


March 2014

Total Inspections: 45,692

Pass: 41,699 (91.26%)

Fail: 3,969 (8.69%)

Conditional Pass: 24 (0.05%)


April 2014

Total Inspections: 45,960

Pass: 41,766 (90.87%)

Fail: 4,163 (9.06%)

Conditional Pass: 31 (0.07%)


May 2014

Total Inspections: 47,824

Pass: 43,390 (90.73%)

Fail: 4,407 (9.22%)

Conditional Pass: 27 (0.05%)


2014 Year to Date

Total Inspections: 222,582

Pass: 202,779 (91.10%)

Fail: 19,653 (8.83%)

Conditional Pass: 150 (0.07%)